Team tree house vs Lynda, are they even worth it?

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Team Treehouse and, are they worth it, and if so, which one should you go for? Let’s talk about that. Sometimes in life the best things aren’t free. Yes there’s a lot of great free content out there, but when it comes to the videos on these two platforms, they’re on a different level. The people that present on there are at the top of their game and they’re at the leading edge of their specific topic.

A lot of them have mastered the craft of presenting to camera and teaching. We’re talking about guys like Simon Allardice, and James Williamson. They get paid large sums of money to fly across the world to present and teach. More-over when you make an investment you’re more likely to take the content seriously and you’re more likely to act upon what is being presented. Now, in terms of which platform you should go for, they each have their own pros and cons.

I do think it’s a little unfair to pit them against each other because I don’t believe they’re actually competing against each other. However, if you’re a beginner I would go with Team Treehouse. They’re geared towards the beginner web developer and beginner web designer and they break the content into manageable chunks. They do a real good job of creating a fun, quirky vibe. on the other hand, their vibe, to me, comes across as being very authoritative and very thorough and they really dig deep into little nuances of technology. There is a plethora of content on there. When it comes to sheer quantity of content I don’t think anyone beats right now! There is new content coming out every week on there. So, they really dive deep into particular pieces of software.

But, where Team Treehouse really shines is their approach to learning. As I said earlier, they break things into manageable chunks. There’s a real sense that you’re following a methodical learning process on there. They have specific tracks, for example if you want to be a ruby developer, they take you from ground zero and progress you to the point where you’re ready for the market place. If you want to be a wordpress developer, again they take you from the beginning and progress you from there. So there’s a path already laid out for you to take. With on the other hand, I find it’s a case of, “Well ok what should I learn next?”

I think both platforms present the content in a great way it’s a very beautifully designed layout on both. Team Treehouse though, they’ve created this sense of a community. They have a great forum. If you get stuck on one of the challenges, they have little challenges and quizzes on the courses, if you get stuck you can post a question on the forum and within a couple of hours have some responses on there.

Let’s talk about price, both platforms have an entry level membership of $25 a month and they both have premium packages too. Team Treehouse, theirs is $49 per month. What do you get with that? Well, you get access to work shops. They have workshops that go out live, now if you have the premium package don’t worry you’ll be able to get access to them, and in those workshops they cover those little nuances of technology, remember I mentioned that on they cover those kind of aspects. For example team tree house recently… well I don’t know have recent it was but they covered Stripe, using Stripe as a payment gateway as opposed to using PayPal.

Now the big advantage of the Team Treehouse premium package is that you get access to videos from the latest conferences. Now that for me is huge! I would get that membership just to get access to those videos! They had a lot of Moz conferences on there, Moz cover all aspects of SEO. There are lots of developer conferences and design conferences and again the people that are presenting at those conferences have typically spent a lot of time preparing their talk and they’ve really made their message concise and they’ve distilled it to do a real good job of putting their message across. So, I find that very valuable and very much worth the money., their premium package is $37.50. What do you get with that? Well, you get the exercise files with each course. With certain courses you can do them without the documentation and the exercise files, but with some others you’re going to want the exercise files to be able to work along with when taking the course, so you get that with the premium package.

So which one should you go for? I think if you’re a beginner Team Treehouse wins, the sense of community, it’s all geared towards web development and web design. they cover other topics audio, photography and video. Ideally I think you would have both packages, you would have both entry level packages, if you have both of those then I think you’re laughing because I think you’ve got the best of both worlds.

So all being said they’re both great platforms, I’ve used both of them. There’s another one out there called and that’s great for specific topics that you want to zero in on that are maybe not well supported on the other two platforms. But I think Udemy know that their courses are a little over priced, now I’m not saying that they’re not worth it, but because they’re competing with Lynda and Team Treehouse, they put out these crazy coupon codes every so often like 90% off for some of their courses, so look out for those coupons.

I hope you got something from this video, I’ll catch you later, peace.

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